Our mission is to establish ecological maritime transport without fossil fuels in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Our aim is to ensure the interconnection of the Aegean islands with each other and with the ports of the western Mediterranean and transport Greek products by using alternative energy sources, linking wind to electrification, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in maritime transport. Through this, a paradigm of transport and interconnection of islands with limited or zero emissions is created, with the ultimate aim of multiplying it and through its efficiency creating a clean environmentally friendly transport model. 

In 2022 the sailboat PELAGO, managed by ISTIA AIGAIOU, was transformed to solar- electric by replacing the diesel propulsion system.  An investment grant by the Greek Green Fund covered the cost of the experimental transformation and the first year autonomous test sailing with zero carbon print in the Aegean and the Tyrenian Sea to the Porto di Roma, a route of 3100 NM.


Ecological transport of local products

Become a member of our network! Let’s build together a green future!

A growing number of consumers are interested in sustainable products transported by wind sailing. You can enhance your marketing, save the planet and increase your income by shipping with wind power.

If you want to become a member of our network and have your products transported by wind and sail or you are interested in having them in your shop, please complete this form and email it to us at infosailmed@gmail.com.

  • Business Insider

    Over 200 years after steamships first began crossing the ocean, wind power is finding its way back into seafaring.

    Business Insider
    March 2017

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Eva Bettina Trittmann
Eva Bettina Trittmann
The trip is magical: riding the waves with warm winds in your back, diving into the Aegean seas, philosophizing with the captain and other paying crew members, getting to know the locals, their products and traditions and being part of a growing movement - two summers I’ll never forget!

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