Aegean Cargo Sailing is a multi-awarded initiative that transports local products by sailboats, reviving a sustainable, millennia-old network of commercial sea-routes, while also offering experiential, cultural & gastronomic sailing adventures to eco-conscious travelers. During our cargo voyage around the Aegean, we welcome guests in our crew and explore the islands and their communities off the beaten track, visiting local producers and their facilities and tasting their premium, artisanal products.

Our mission is to sail towards a sustainable "blue economy" in the Aegean, which does not depend on polluting fossil fuels.

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Ecological transport of local products

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A growing number of consumers are interested in sustainable products transported by wind sailing. You can enhance your marketing, save the planet and increase your income by shipping with wind power.

If you want to become a member of our network and have your products transported by wind and sail or you are interested in having them in your shop, please complete this form and email it to us at infosailmed@gmail.com.

  • Business Insider

    Over 200 years after steamships first began crossing the ocean, wind power is finding its way back into seafaring.

    Business Insider
    March 2017

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