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Crew & Friends

Our team extends to friends, partners & sponsors
who are helping to make this all happen.


Jan Christian Lundberg

The founder

Jan Christian Lundberg departed this life in the morning of Monday, October 15th 2018 from his home in Karavostamo, where he had chosen to live and fight the disease for two years. He is our friend, who started the effort to revive sailing as a means of transportation in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. He had already, over the last ten years, helped to revive pure wind sailing transport in the Atlantic with Sail Transport Network (

Nana Zisiou

Journalist and guide in Skyros

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dr. Stavros Rantas

Slow food coordinator

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Special thanks

to our volunteer sailors for their
unconditional support & positive vibes!

Hannah Gruner
Maurice Bumiller
Costis Contopoulos
Kai Tarnowski
Nikolas Piperas


to our guest videographers & journalists
for helping us share our story!

Marine LeDuc
Antoine Guerre
Kostas Giannakis
Daphne Kalafati
Dimitris Goltsis
Sifis Koundouros
Paris Gourtsoyiannis
Angelica Tarnowska


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